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At Mouthpeace Mediation LLC, we do divorce and family mediation.  We know that divorce is very difficult.  We can help to make the process easier.  We help separating couples to communicate more effectively, divide their assets and debts, and, if they have children, develop a powerful parenting plan, reach agreement on child support and discuss spousal support.

Our main focus, at all times, is the children.  As much as we adults suffer when we separate or divorce, the impact on children is far worse.  We, as parents, can change that.  By creating a good and balanced parenting agreement, we can help our children (and ourselves) to move forward in a healthy way with support from the people who love them most. 

Just a note about myself:  I am a mediator.  I am also a divorced parent.  I have been through the experience of divorce and wish I had known that there was an alternative.  I wish I had known about mediation! 

I will use this blog to post articles; mostly articles I write about separation, divorce, children, parenting, in the context of mediation.  I think mediation is, by far, the most effective and peaceful way to approach separation and divorce.  I hope the conversation generated here will help you to reach the same conclusion:  that there is a much more effective way to divorce than using litigation.

Please share your experiences and thoughts.  Together, we can make the divorce experience a better one for both the divorcing parents and their children.

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